CWP sees sustainability as an opportunity for economic development in symbiotic relations with the community and environment, ensuring resources for future generations. CWP’s goal is to grow together with the community around it and enhance the quality of life and conditions of the natural environment.

Climate emergency, air and water pollution, biodiversity degradation and people’s health depletion are today’s concerns that we are all experiencing. By decarbonizing electricity generation, renewable technologies play a crucial role in the effort to improve people’s health, quality of life and existing environment.

Solar power plants, as one form of renewable technology, help improve the quality of the natural environment since they do not emit harmful substances. Moreover, they directly reduce the amount of CO2 emissions and the emissions of other harmful gases and particulate matter which are produced in the combustion of fossil-fuel-based power plants.

As a leader in renewable energy, CWP aims to develop a solar power plant in Montenegro with a key responsibility and obligation to address, implement and manage its operations in a sustainable way. To ensure each functionality, CWP developed policies and procedures according to the highest standards.

1. Environmental sustainability

By following the highest European and international standards on environmental protection, project sites are carefully chosen, to exist in alignment with the surrounding environment and local communities. CWP collaborates with recognized local experts and leading global consultants in the monitoring of flora and fauna and in the preparation of studies regarding the project’s impact on the natural and social environment. The result of such studies is a series of measures and recommendations that CWP and its collaborators on the project undertake to fulfil. These measures are primarily aimed at the preservation of local flora and fauna, air pollution, noise, etc.

2. Social Sustainability

Sustainable engagement with the local community is one of the highest priorities for CWP. Securing sustainable electricity supply, providing jobs, bringing local development initiatives, and securing a cleaner environment for the current and future generations, solar power plant is one of the major changemakers in today’s energy and environmental crises.

CWP is committed to meeting the strictest local and international standards in the field of social sustainability and the protection of human rights. CWP also takes exceptional care to ensure the timely identification and inclusion of all relevant stakeholders, including non-governmental organizations and civil associations. To measure impacts and propose measures to minimize those impacts, CWP works on adequate involvement, and cooperation with the local population, ensuring the unhindered performance of agricultural production and use of ecosystem services.

3. Governance Sustainability

To support the whole sustainability concept, CWP sets an internal system of practices, controls, and procedures with the purpose of managing itself, making effective decisions, complying with the laws, and meeting the needs of the community.