By developing large-scale renewable energy projects around the world, we create value for the planet, for local communities and for future generations. Because we are mission-driven and aim to develop sustainable projects with long-term impact, we care about people, the environment, and the trust-based relationships we build. We believe that the energy transition must not leave anyone behind, so we strive to share the benefits of our projects in the smartest and fairest ways. CWP’s purpose is to transform global energy systems, communities, and the people within them, for the better.

We foster genuine relationships between stakeholders and encourage understanding the needs of different communities and how innovatively respond to them. We engage with the community as a long-term partner throughout the project’s development phase – working closely with people on the ground to ensure that the right kind of support is given, in a way that builds long-term capacity and is tailored to what the local community needs.

In accordance with our values, mission, and corporate and social responsibility plans, CWP will support activities that contribute to the development and improvement of conditions in the local community. This includes, but is not limited to, investment in local infrastructure, environmental protection, community empowerment, activities of educational and sports institutions, as well as the promotion of local traditions and customs.