400 MW installed capacity


Solar park Montechevo is the first project of its kind developed by CWP in Montenegro.


About the Project

CWP is developing the Montechevo project on the territory of the Municipality of Cetinje in the cadastral municipalities of Lastva, Chevo and Pretin do. In total, 600 hectares of land is going to be used for the construction of the photovoltaic power plant. The planned installed capacity of the Montechevo power plant is 400 MW.

The development and construction of the project is envisioned to take place in a series of phases. The start of construction or the ‘ready-to-build’ stage of the project is expected at the start of 2025. Upon the completion of construction and the start of commercial operation, which is expected by the end of 2026, Montechevo will be one of the largest solar power plants in Montenegro.

According to our calculations, the annual production of the Montechevo power plant will be aprox. 650 GWh, which is enough to supply 154,000 households with green electrical energy. The electrical energy produced by the solar power plan Montechevo will result in a direct reduction of CO2 emission in Montenegro by 306,150 tons/CO2/yr.

In addition to the positive impact it will have on the natural environment, the socio-economic impact of the development of the Montechevo project will be undeniably significant. This is especially true for the Municipality of Cetinje as a significant portion of the investment is planned to be redirected towards helping meet the needs of the Municipality.

During the development of the Montechevo project, CWP will abide by the highest International and European standards, to contribute in the best possible way to the accelerated development of the municipality of Cetinje and renewable energy sources in Montenegro and the broader region.


The solar power plant Montechevo will be located on the territory of the municipality of Cetinje, that is, in the cadastral municipalities of Lastva, Chevo and Prentin do.


Q3 2022
Start of Project Development
Q1 2023
Grid Connection Study
Q1 2023
Decision on Urban Planning and Technical Conditions
Q2 2023
Connection Agreement
Q4 2023
Baseline Biodiversity Study
Q2 2024
Environmental impact assessment report
Q3 2024
Building Permit
Q4 2026
Commissioning and commercial operation


CWP is committed to facilitating project development that follows all local and international laws and regulations, with the full cooperation of local communities.